Smart Power Systems is a subsidiary of Nartron Corporation, a 41 year-old high technology company.  Nartron was recently named as "One of America's 50 most innovative companies" by Inc. Magazine and has been a long-term supplier to the United States military.  Nartron holds hundreds of patents and sells sense and control system hardware to major automotive, motorcycle, heavy equipment and appliance manufacturers, as well as to many other industries.


In 1995, Niedner celebrated 100 years of continuous operation. As the oldest manufacturer of fire hose in North America, Niedner can attribute its longevity to the inherent desire and ability to supply you, the customer, with the products you want.

Command Light

The Command Light is designed to provide high intensity emergency scene lighting with quick precision. Instead of a pole, put your lights on a robotic arm and see what you've been missing.

Super Vac

Super Vacuum Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Loveland, Colorado is the world leader in the manufacture of emergency ventilation products. Super Vac manufactures electric, gasoline, hydraulic, and air powered units for the wide array of use seen with Fire Departments.

Thorogood Footwear

Weinbrenner Shoe Company has manufactured footwear in America since 1892, maintaining a long tradition of innovation, quality, value and service. Our customers are provided with footwear that is functional, responsive to their needs, and reflects the talent of America's finest craftsmen.

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